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Tea Hotpot You Never Try!

Author:admin Time:2017.11.17 18:50

Tea hotpot combines tea and hotpot. Briefly, it enables consumers to eat the spicy hotpot and enjoy the tea tasting.

Hotpot, a kind of Chinese food, has a long history and develops all the time. From temple to countryside, from the noble to the low, it is a popular food for all ages.

Long history with different customs contributes to the diversity of Chinese hotpot, such as Beijing lamb Shabu Shabu, Sichuan and Chongqing spicy hotpot, Guangdong seafood hotpot, Shandong fat beef slices hotpot, Jiangsu and Zhejiang chrysanthemum hotpot.

As dietitians pointed out, hotpot, with high calories, is easy to cause obesity due to excessive energy, and cause cardiovascular disease due to purines in the soup.

Then, some people have initiative to combine hotpot and tea.

Consequently, an out-of-the-ordinary type of hotpot appeared. It is made of tea oil, which is made from tea in varying proportions, various spices and tea soup. In this way, the hotpot has aroma and health benefits.

Tea hotpot is good for those who love hotpot. It enables them to enjoy the delicious hotpot while keeping healthy.

Tea, as a healthy drink in China for thousands of years, is an enduring fashion for scholars in different dynasties. Cooking with tea water can keep the original taste and flavor of the food. While bringing delicious meals, it brings fragrance of tea. It achieves the perfect combination of color, smell and taste with nutrition optimization.

Moreover, dietitians say even though you are eating other types of hotpot, it is necessary to drink some tea after hotpot to clean the palate and remove greasiness. You can choose black tea, chrysanthemum tea, etc. according to the climate and physical condition.

Tea into hotpot innovates boldly and breaks tradition. It combines the unique aroma of tea with delicious hotpot. That is an achievement of coexistence of great taste and health benefit. Such unique and delicious hotpot is an absolute must-try for those who are determined to taste all types of hotpot. 

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