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        Shenzhen, referred as "deep" and one of the four one-tier cities in China, is nicknamed Pengcheng. It is Guangdong provincial municipality and the center of the region. It is located in the South of Guangdong, East of the Pearl River Delta and Hongkong Strait, next to Dayawan and Dapeng Bay, West by the Pearl River Estuary and Lingdingyang, South to the Shenzhen River and adjacent to Hongkong.
        Shenzhen is a national economic center and an international city designated by the State Council together with Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The city's 8 districts are Luohu District, Longgang District, Longhua District, Futian District, Baoan District, Nanshan District, Yantian District, Pingshan district.
        Shenzhen is the first special economic zone when the policy of reform and opening up began. As a window of reform and opening up in China, it has grown to be an influential international city, created the world-renowned "Shenzhen speed", and at the same time, it enjoys the reputation as "city of design", "city of piano", "city of design". Shenzhen has the most entry exit ports in its border in China and it is also an important frontier port city. For example, Huanggang port implements 24 hours customs clearance.

        For another, this city is a popular tourist city, the number of tourists from home and abroad every year rank highly in this country. The city's famous attractions: Gan Keng Hakka Town, Window of The World, Oversea Chinese Town East, Splendid China, Happy Valley, Crane Lake New Homes, Meisha, Yang Meikeng, Shenzhen Bay Park.

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