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Management of Exhibition Credentials

Type of credentials:

1. Exhibitor Passes: Provided in accordance with the standard of 3 exhibitor passes per 9 square meters;

2. Exhibitor Set-up Passes: Provided in accordance with the standard of 1 pass for each exhibitor;

3. Special Construction Permits: Provided in accordance with the quantity applied for by the construction units;

<Exhibitor Passes and Exhibitor Set-up Passes are for the use of exhibitors during exhibit set-up, exhibition and booth teardown; they are provided for free by Organizing Committee. Special Construction Permits shall be declared by the special construction units and provided at exhibition site. It is charged 10 yuan per pass. >

Credential handling procedures:

1. Exhibitors who have already paid their booth fees and fees for all the booked items (according to payment received) will obtain the credentials with payment bills at the Exhibitor Service Office of the Organizing Committee.

2. "Exhibitor Passes", "Exhibitor Set-up Passes" and "Special Construction Permits"are the only evidence for exhibitors and special construction units to enter the exhibition hall. All exhibitors should send specially-assigned personnel to deal with and keep them properly. If they are lost, please immediately put them on record at the Service Office of the Organizing Committee.

Management of credentials:

1. Credentials must be worn on the chest, with the face outward and presented to the security guards.

2. The working personnel of exhibitors should not engage in activities unrelated with the exhibition in the exhibition hall, such as distributing materials, purchasing exhibits, engaging in paid handling services and illegal acts and others. Once found engaging in such activities, the credentials will be confiscated and the quantity of credentials for the next expo will be reduced.

3. Credentials cannot be lent, sold or altered. Once found lent, sold and altered, the Organizing Committee has the right to confiscate such credentials.

4. If the credentials are lost, please immediately put them on record at the Service Office of the Organizing Committee and reapply new ones after verification and approval.

Application for Access Permit for Construction Vehicles

Access permit registration process for trucks:

Tel: 15919408005   Ms. Yang Wen 

1. Enter https://app.stc.gov.cn/cardregsys/ and click Agree button on the page to enter the registration page;

2. Login with ID; (Access Permit ID for Construction Vehicles will be provided to exhibitors half a month in advance)

3. Enter license plate number of the vehicles and select access time and date, and then save. 

<Access time for move-in trucks (00:00-07:30   09:30-17:00   20:00-00:00) >

<Access time for move-out trucks (20:00-00:00   00:00-07:30   09:30-17:00)>

Recommended Special Booth Service

Shenzhen Leban Exhibition Co., Ltd.:

Contact: Coco; Tel: 137-1441-5611; Tel: 0755-23730954 , 0755-23730946

Shenzhen Longze Exhibition Scheme Co., Ltd.:

Contact: Huang Huixian;Tel: 181-2378-8873; Tel: 0755-28993876

Shenzhen Hanjing Exhibition Co., Ltd.:

Contact: Lin Hantao; Tel: 139-2288-2325

Engineering Department, SZCEC:

Contact: Chen Yanhua; Tel: 135-1012-4717

Shenzhen Chuangsheng Bros Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.:

Contact: Shen Jianbo; Tel: 189-0340-6669

Shenzhen Yuanda Exhibition Co., Ltd.:

Contact: Li Lan; Tel: 138-2432-2415

Shenzhen Siyi Culture Media Co., Ltd.:

Contact: Wu Wensheng; Tel: 139-2376-3215

Shenzhen Xuebingfeng Exhibition Co., Ltd.:

Contact: Wang Baodong, Zhang Lei; Tel: 159-8600-0543, 159-8676-6123

Declaration Procedure for Special Construction Drawings 

Declaration Procedure for Special Construction Drawings :

Deadline: December 4, 2017

Declaration materials: 

1. Declaration Form for Specially-designed Booth Set-up and Construction

2. Drawings

<Form of declaration: Drawings shall be emailed to 2797134762@qq.com (fax is not acceptable). The declaration emails shall be named "2017 XXth XXXX Tea Expo, Hall X, and Booth X". For undesirable drawings identified, the Organizing Committee has the right to require the exhibitors to make modifications before re-declaration. >

Contact: Zhou Yi  Tel.: 18873024736

Move-in and Move-out Procedures and Charges for Special Construction 

Materials to be provided for on-site check-in:

1. Copy of business license;

2. Copy of corporate representative's ID card;

3. Exhibition construction qualification certificates;

4. Design sketches, construction drawings, circuit diagrams and description of construction materials for specially-designed booth;

<The charge is shown in exhibition rules and regulations.>

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