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Rules in exhibition center

- smoking is not allowed in the expo.

- Power connection, water connection, telephone connection are not allowed withouth permission.

- transporting goods over 80kg or 2 m³ by escalator or transporting goods by sightseeing elevator is not allowed.

- Bringing in same or similar exhibition tools, display racks or desks with exhibition center is not allowed without permission.

- Any sale or activity should be carried out orderly without interference of exhibition order. exhibitors should ask for permission before playing audio or other shows during the exhibition to maintain good environment. ( The volume is limited within 60 db.)

- Exhibitors can only distribute introductory offer in its booth, distributing, promoting or soliciting business is not allowed in other places in the expo. Materials or billboards are not allowed to be set in other places except your booth, if doing so, security guards would confiscate those things. Any show should not block passways or fire-fighting equipment.

- Exhibitors should observe the instruction from security guards and site administrators when entering the expo and leaving the expo orderly.

- Exhibitors should pay attention to environmental cleanness when move-in and move-out. woods, stones, paint buckets and other contructing wastes should be cleared from the expo.

- Exhibitors should pay attention to site protection when using oil paint and coating to maintain the cleanness of the site.

- Exhibitors should negotiate well with their staff, any contructing waste are not allowed to be disposed to the corner or other booths.

- During the exhibition, exhibitors should ensure all the staff to wear exhibition certificate, which is distributed when entering the expo in the expo for identification. The certificate should not be lent to the others.

- Material storage: it is highly recommended to take every valuable thing with the staff and pay attention to exhibits to avoid stealing or loss, exhibitors are not allowed to put any materials in public areas in the expo and should follow the instruction and store things in particular areas. The expo is not responsible for damaging or loss of materials and tools.

- The decoration and height of the booth is not allowed to exceed the limited height. Please arrange the booth according to the site situation and do precautionary measures.

- Expo space: exhibitors should protect the environment, facilities and wall in the expo. If found damaged, exhibitors would be fined.

- Security: there are securities on duty in the expo, all exhibitors should observe security regulations. A tip from the committee: there is great possibility of having things stolen in the last day. Please keep exhibits within eyes, especially the personal things and the rented.

- Cleanness: the expo is responsible for the cleanness around the booths before and during the expos, the work is done before the opening everyday; exhibitors should be responsible for the cleanness within the booths and put waste in designated places everyday when closing the expo.

- After the expo, exhibitors should dismantle all the things and waste in set time. The deposit will be refunded after acceptance inspection. The service center in Hall One is responsible for refunding transaction.


Rules on Standard Booth Use

- Do not punch or drive nail on the wall or on the ground in the booth.

- Do not use rubber products like single faced adhesive tape and double faced adhesive tape in the booth or on the discussion desks.

- Do not carve in the booth or on the desks.

- Do not pedal or trample on the desks and chairs in case of personal injury or tool damage.

- Do not lean on heavy things in the booth in case of damage, collapse and danger.

- Do not dismantle or alter the booth or hang other tools and heavy things without permission.

- Do not misappropriate things like desks and chairs from other booths.

- Do not use fire, inflammables, explosives in the booth.

- Do not install electric wire, spotlight, sunlamp or other light without permission in the booth.

- Configuration in every booth: 1 exhibition lintel, three-faced display and 2.5 meter high board (two-faced display board in double open stand), 2 spotlight, 1 discussion desk, 2 chairs, 1 power socket (1500w).

- Limitation on height: 2.5 meters, every exhibit and tool cannot exceed this height. During the exhibition, the exhibits are not allowed to exceed to the booth space, if so, host unit has the right to reset the booth, exhibitors bear all the incurred cost.

- Exhibition lintel: host unit has unified production with Chinese name of the company (according the requisition form) and booth number; exhibitors are not allowed to change the content or make any decoration withouth permission.

- The cost of not observing the regulation of booth use will be beared by the exhibitors. Host unit has the right to fine and expel those with potential safety hazard without obeying.


Rules on Special Booth Use

- Primary construction is not allowed in the special booth in the expo. Do not use inflammables and explosives including oil paint, banana oil, rosin water, inflammable rubber. Do not use machine with high power including electric planer, high pressure pump. if needed, written application with name of tools, time of  construction, space of construction and security measures should be handed in. After permission and the signing of responsibility letter, exhibitors are allowed to use them. Enough fire-extinguisher should be set with the standard of no lest than two in each setting place.

- Unified height of special booth: 4.5m.

- Before entering, each exhibit producer would be charged with security deposit and management fee to ensure the maintainance of facilities and schedule of move-out. The money can be refunded after acceptance of management unit in the expo.

                                     Deposit on Special Booth
booth sizestandard(yuan)pay timereturn time
under 543000pay when registerafter move-out and inspection of expo staff in Dec. 18

* Please keep the receipt.

  Please clean the booth when leaving, receive the deposit in finance office after siging from cleaning deparment's manager.

  The latest time to get the deposit is 10:00pm, if miss this time, get it in the second day.

           management fee on special booth
calculation methodstandard(yuan)notes
size of booth10//duration

                              basic fee of exhibition
     item               contentsumnotes
electricity feespecification
8h providing(yuan)

connection to the oudsite or 24h providing: adding 100%

The duration is set at 4-7 days, 14:00 oneday before the opening starts electricity, the fee for exceeding 7 days is not included

contemporary electricity for construction(yuan)
application should be summited one week earlier, on site application will be charge 30% more

suspending point(yuan)


certification of construction(yuan)
12/piece(provide one-inch photo)

certification of truck(yuan)
20/piece/4h(only for exhibit and needed materials transportation)

Internet service fee(yuan)

1008 installation fee would be charged

delay service fee(yuan)areaprice(18:00-24:00)price(24:00-8:00)
over 5001000/booth/h2000/booth/h
the whole pavilion10000/pavilion/h15000/pavilion/h
NOTICE: exhibitors pay the deposit, other fees will be recheneinheited by committee office.



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