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The Fourth National Competition of Tea Star and Specialist

Tea art is one aspect of tea culture with a strong national character, which has absorbed and learned from other art forms on the basis of excellent Chinese culture. It is a treasure of Chinese traditional culture. In today's society with accelerated pace of life and competition, tea culture can relax people. Tea culture advocates to treat people sincerely and with courtesy. Hua Juchen Tea Expo advocates "making new friends with tea", both aiming to create a relaxed and harmonious social atmosphere. Tea performance is to promote tea culture through the form of art, which enables people to drink, chat, enjoy art performance and understand tea culture deeply, as well as to achieve physical and mental harmony.

Since 2014, the “National Competition of Tea Star and Specialists” sponsored by Hua Juchen Tea Expo is unique in this industry and attract wide attention. The competition is not only a benchmarking activity of Hua Juchen in each professional tea expo, but also the best platform for tea craftsmen across the country to exchange tea art and show talent. Back in 2016, “The 3rd National Selection Contest of Star Tea Specialists” set off Chinese tea Art craze in 15 major cities in the country. This popular selection model quickly spreaded over the country and played a role in promoting Chinese tea culture, thus laying a solid foundation for Chinese tea culture to go global.

In particular, on December 15, the Final of “The 3rd National Selection Contest of Star Tea Specialists” held in the 13th China Global Tea Fair brought a tea feast for tea friends in China! It showed the immortal soul of Chinese tea culture and exquisite Chinese Tea Art!

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