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The 4th International Tea & Construction Space Design Exhibition

"Tea and space" is a topic about space, a theme on creation, furthermore, a proposition in contemporary era. Tea space is not a simple conbination of tea culture and architectural culture, it represents a kind of attitude and spirit, which is a reconstruction, re-hackling and creativity of the complex uncertainty.

 As one of the most valuable and influential exhibition platforms in mainland China, Hua Juchen is committed to building a core driving force for Chinese tea industry based in Shenzhen and radiating at home and abroad. To realize the prospect of "each family has a tea room of their own", the spread of tea and tea space culture is necessary; to build a professional dialogue platform, promote the cross-border exchanges and integrate tea and design industry, Shenzhen Hua Juchen Industry Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Interior Design Culture Society, Shenzhen Tea Culture Promotion Association, Shenzhen Interior Decoration Association, Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association and Guangdong Designers Alliance (Shenzhen) will jointly organize the "The 6th International Tea & Building Space Design Competition" to show tea space aesthetics with traditional tea culture and modern fashion elements during the 15th China Global Tea Fair. Excellent work will integrate the traditional Chinese tea culture and modern international leading design concept. An oriental aesthetics feast is about to be presented in your eyes!

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