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International Tea Industry Summit Forum

Led by "The Belt and Road Initiative", Chinese tea industry harbors a bright development future. Carrying out tea import and export trade has a broad prospect under this strategic plan.

"Tea + tourism", "tea + deep processing", "tea + cultural creativity", "tea + fast drink", etc. have formed a new pattern for tea industry change. How can Chinese tea seize the opportunity, cling to consumers, for the establishment of a brand new tea market?

At that time, Hua Juchen will hold the "International Tea Industry Development Summit Forum", and invite experts and scholars in industry, media reporters and cross-industry experts related to tea at home and abroad to conduct in-depth discussion, centering on "standard, innovation, future", "Innovative Model of Tea Industry in China and Abroad", "Prospects for the future of tea industry" and other topics. Everyone will share their views and ideas and jointly offer advice and suggestions for future development of the industry.

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