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Hello, exhibitor:

    online submission of booth application form will be helpful to transmit your intention as soon as possible. After you fill in and submit this form, the organizing committee will contact you as soon as possible. Filling in this form does not mean the organizing committee's confirmation of the sale of the booth.

contact phone: (+86 755) 82222201

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The booth type

The standard booth(3m*3m):

(1) single opening: $9000/ extension, $1750/ extension.

(2) double opening: $10200/ extension, $1800/ extension.

Light fee: $920/m2 (36m2, $180/m2 (rent) 36m2 rent).

Contain content:

(1) standard booths and non standard booth: English fascia board, 1 table, 2 chairs, 220V power socket, 1 spotlights, 2 basket 1, carpet;

(2) light ground: exhibition site, security, cleaning services, excluding electricity, special equipment, management fees and other facilities.

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