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        Shenzhen Hua Juchen Industry Co., Ltd. has hosted 14 sessions of China Global Tea Fair since 2008. China Global Tea Fair has been improving in its scale, level and professionalism every year. It creats considerable profits for exhibitors and is widely praised and well received in this industry. It is "the first platform of Chinese tea industry" around the Pearl River Delta. 

        China Global Tea Fair will create a specialized platform of one-stop professional purchasing, distribution, agency, franchising, investment and customized tea gifts for domestic and foreign tea producers, dealers, tea set / tea ware dealers. You will find it is the most convenient promotion and docking platform for the entry of Chinese market. 

Tenet: Adhering to the guiding idea of green and healthy consumption "tea as national drink", carrying forward Chinese tea culture, promoting the sustainable development of tea industry, and building a bridge of "going out" of Chinese tea and "bringing in" the international tea.

Positioning: China Global Tea Fair is positioned at "new changes, new strategies, new development", the detailed presentation is "scientific and technological innovation, investment and financing cooperation, brand marketing planning and international market".


       From December 14th to 18th, Chinese tea industry annual ending event 2017 - the 15th China Global Tea Fair will be held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. 

     The first highlight is its size. The Expo covers an area of 82,000 square meters, sets 3800 international standard booths, and will gather more than 1,500 tea enterprises from 69 famous tea areas in China and more than 10 overseas countries, including South Korea, Britain, Japan, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. 

     The second one is the variety of its themes. There are six major tea exhibition areas, tea set aesthetics area, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan / international exhibition area, high-end water exhibition area, tea machinery exhibition area, tea packaging exhibition area, tea finance + Internet exhibition area, tea science and technology achievements exhibition area, tea set handicraft area, future tea life and other exhibition areas.

      Finally, its activities. There are more than 100 tea culture activities throughout the whole industry chain in this expo.  With the help of tea art, tea set, tea space, global tea cup and professional contests, professional forums will be deployed for in-depth discussion. 

    This Expo deeply roots in tea industry, starts from the whole industry chain in tea industry, in which the tea industry's economic and cultural aspects will be integrated and developed.

  • 82000㎡
  • 3800 booth
  • 150000 person times
  • The 3rd China (Shenzhen) International Youth Tea Culture Festival
    Youngsters are an indispensable power for innovation of tea ceremony and cultural development in Shenzhen.
    Place of activity: Hall 6
    start time: 2017-12-18
    The Fourth National Competition of Tea Star and Specialist
    Tea art is a tea culture with a strong national character, which is formed by widely absorbing and learning from other art forms on the basis of excellent Chinese culture. It is a treasure of Chinese traditional culture. In today's society with accelerated pace of life and fierce competition the tea culture can relax the people's tight mind. Tea culture advocates to treat people sincerely and with courtesy and Hua Juchen Tea Expo advocates "making new friends with tea", both aiming to create a relaxed and harmonious social atmosphere. Tea performance is to express the tea culture through the form of art, which enable people to drink, chat and enjoy the art performance in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere and understand tea culture imperceptibly, as well as settle down the mind to achieve physical and mental harmony.
    Place of activity: Hall 1
    start time: 2017-12-15
    The 4th International Tea & Construction Space Design Exhibition
    "Tea and space" is a topic about space, a theme on creation, furthermore, a proposition in contemporary era. Tea space is not a simple conbination of tea culture and architectural culture, it represents a kind of attitude and spirit, which is a​ reconstruction, re-hackling and creativity of the complex uncertainty.
    Place of activity: Hall 1
    start time: 2017-12-16
  • International Tea Industry Summit Forum
    Led by "The Belt and Road Initiative", Chinese tea industry harbors a bright development future.
    Place of activity: Hall 1
    start time: 2017-12-16
    Special activities
    Place of activity: Hall 6
    start time: 2017-10-30
Enterprise cooperation
  • 六妙白茶
  • 湘茶集团
  • General manager of Bao Zhen, Malaysia
    Tea is not only a business for our Southeast Asian Chinese, but also a kind of nostalgia for our hometown. Shenzhen Tea Expo built a "old tea Street" exhibition area for the old tea collectors, old tea lovers to exchange.
    General manager of Hongkong Ocean Development International Trading Co., Ltd.
    British Black Tea has always been a symbol of British tea, British Black Tea Testin has participated in the Tea Expo for three times. Shenzhen Tea Expo spreads the British tea culture. In the Tea Expo, spectators lined up to taste, getting a lot of praise from the mainland consumer.
    Deputy director of Taiwan Arts & Crafts Center
    Hua Juchen, the largest and most influential Tea Expo operator, has rich tea industry resources and media resources. It plays a great role in communication and trade on both sides of the Strait tea culture.
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